I’m going to make something like this for my music video. Apparently 5,312 photos were used in the making of this but I think it is extremely worth it as the end product is great. 

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Costumes, Props and SFX


Most of my costumes are simple – just average everyday clothes. However, I will need fancy Gladiator robes which I hope the Performing Arts people have some of or something similar in which I could use. Other than that, I will need ridiculous clothes for Jordan and white bed sheets for the rubbish gladiator outfits.


The main props I will need will be foam swords for the fight scenes. I will also need garden ornaments such as garden gnomes, plant pots etc to set up the semi circle in the first fight scene. I also need a trumpet for the character of Sheyar to play. These are all the props I will need.


The only special effects in which I will require will be the makeup for the bruising and fake blood for the aftermath of Peter and Jordan’s practice fight scene.



As my drama is based on real people in my class, I have kept the names of almost all the characters the same as the actors who will play them.

Peter Crockett as Peter Crockett.

Jordan Parke as Jordan Parke.

Myself as Naomi.

Sheyar as the trumpet player.

I am currently looking for someone to play Sarah but she has one line throughout the drama so it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone. As for the tutor, I have yet to find someone to play him but I am hoping to get that sorted and will maybe hold auditions for this part. Other than that, all I need are extras which shouldn’t be too hard to find at all. 

Jordan and Peter. I’m hoping they can act out my drama well because they are perfect for it, especially as they inspired it. Their characters are more exaggerated than what they’re actually like so I’m hoping they can act it out well. 

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Characters that have inspired my characters. The Idiot and the even bigger idiot type thing, which is what I will do with Peter and Jordan. Peter being the idiot and Jordan being the even bigger idiot. 

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Movies that have inspired my drama. 

Seven Psychopaths because of the narrative/surreal style. 

The Prestige because of the narrative used within it, how Hugh Jackman/Christian Bale describe something that has already happened.

Gladiator because I will use a copy of it in my drama as Peter describes scenes in it in great detail as if he actually directed it. 

Fight Club because of the surreal/narrative style of it. 

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Just Call Me Ridley

Came up with this title last week. Peter who inspired my idea is a massive fan of Gladiator which is directed by Ridley Scott so it’s a perfect title. In my drama, Peter sees himself as Ridley Scott and Jordan as the bigger idiot sees himself as his Personal Assistant and goes along with everything that Peter says. 

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Ok, my idea has changed loads from when I first started. First idea was about an older person not completing any of their dreams for whatever reason but I found that really difficult to write and my heart wasn’t in it. Moved on to an idea about two idiots who think they’re world class film directors. This idea was inspired by two people in my class who are always having a laugh and joking about being world famous.

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